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    Audio books on Droid?


      Can I use the Droid like I use my iPod Touch? My audiobooks arne't protected so if they will work I can load them. I just wondered about listening to them on the Droid???



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          My audio books are all mp3 format and work fine. Just copy them over to the SD card, but you first must click "mount" in your notification window.

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            thanks for the info!!

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              I am using an audiobook player called Ambling BookPlayer for the Android.  This player supports treating many audio files like a single audiobook which it plays and bookmarks just as if it were a single file.  It has a bookmarking history that tracks all the locations where you have started or stopped listening and has undo and redo keys to take you back to your previous locations so you don't ever lose your place.  The Ambling BookPlayer Lite is free on the Android Market and it supports automatically downloading free audiobooks from the LibriVox.org site.  There is also a Personal and Pro version of the player.  The web site at http://amblingbookplayer.com/ describes the different features in each version.

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                unfortunately, you can't simply download them from audible.com onto the droid. That would be SO much easier. If any of y'all find an app or a way that you can just go to your library, pick a book and have it auto-download, please let me know!The droid doesn't have as much space as my almost full 60G ipod. it would be great to be able to download on the go.