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    sending picture to email


      Does anyone no what I am doing wrong?  I am trying to send a picture to my email and when I open the link in my email there is no picture.....I may need to have something different in my plan, I'm just not sure.  Thanks for any advise

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          If you open the picture on your phone, then right soft key OPTIONS>>>send or send as>>then type in your email address in the TO: field instead of a number, it should send.  You said "when I open the link in my email there is no picture" - but when I send a picture to my email, I don't get a link, I get the picture as an attachment....are you getting a link to PIX place?  Check your attachments and see if the picture is in there; some people seem to get like 12 or more attachments with the email and the picture gets lost among them.


          The only thing that may be preventing it is if there is a data block on your phone.  Are you able to send and receive picture messages from other cell phone users?

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            Thankyou. I am not the poster of this message however I used it to solve a problem of mine and it workrd.