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    How do I add more text messages?



      How can I add more text messages to my phone when I am almost out of texts or I have already exceeded my limit? Once I saw a number that could be dialed and for $5.00 it would add 250 texts to your limit, however I have not since been able to find this number again. Anyone know of a method for doing this so that I don't die when the bill comes around?

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          You can call Customer Service (800)-922-0204 and bump your plan to the next level, and BACKDATE it to the first day of the current billing cycle to prevent pro-rating overages.  Be sure you tell them to BACKDATE it for you !!  Not sure which plan you have, but the $5 increments are here:

          Add to BASIC
          $5/mo for 250 texts (sent and received)
          $10/mo for 500 texts PLUS unlimited texts M2M
          $15/mo for 1500 texts PLUS unlimited M2M
          $20/mo for 5000 texts PLUS unlimited M2M