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    When do minutes 'count'


      Why am I being charged minutes for calls made between numbers on my own account? I have 5 numbers on my account and I see that I am being billed for calls made to phone numbers on my account. I see the same problem with my business account. We are being charged for calls made between phones that are all listed on our single business account. Do I need to add phone numbers from my own account to Friends & Family? I thought that it was already free to call other Verizon Wireless Customers. HELP! 

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          Where are you seeing that you are being "billed" for the minutes?  Are you looking online?  Are the calls in the bill detail showing a s Plan Allow minutes rather than NW or M2M?


          If it's near the beginning of your billing cycle and you are looking online, things may not get sorted out right away but they will be right when you get your bill.  Did you recently change things with your account(s)?

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            Depending on your calling plan you should be able to call any of the 80+ million Verizon Wireless Customers without having to add them to your F&F and in fact, would not suggest you adding them as they are already covered...