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    Straighttalk from Walmart using Verizonwireless network.


      Feeling a little used by Verizonwireless. My average bill for my daughter and I is around $200 a month. Unlimited everything for both of us thru Straighttalk would run $96.30 a month. Straighttalk is using the Verizonwireless network is what I've read around the net. Does anyone else see a problem here or is it just me?

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          Straight Talk is what the industry calls a MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator. They're a company that buys a license to use their phones on the VZW network. So yes, you get partial benefits of the VZW network. However, you don't get the same quality of phones, enhanced products and services, Customer Service, Tech Support or full reliability and coverage of the VZW network.


          Sprint does the same thing with Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.


          So if lesser phones and lesser Customer Service is worth saving money to you, then switch.