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I switched to Tmobile in December 2015 and haven't looked back. I tend to float about all the devices and services areas. I also frequent the Off-Topic Lounge. I have been a wireless device user since 1998, and have been a customer of Alltel, T-mobile, Boost, Sprint, and AT&T at some point or another, Verizon being my most used provider. I think I am fairly up to speed on the intermediate basics of the Verizon world. I have over 20 years in agriculture, customer service, sales, service, management and logistics experience. Toward the accomplishment of an aim which in wantonness of atrocity would seem to partake of the insane, he will direct a cool judgment sagacious and sound. These men are madmen, and of the most dangerous sort, for their lunacy is not continuous, but occasional, evoked by some special object; it is protectively secretive, which is as much to say it is self-contained, so that when, moreover, most active it is to the average mind not distinguishable from sanity, and for the reason above suggested: that whatever its aims may be – and the aim is never declared – the method and the outward proceeding are always perfectly rational.
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