About Me
Having trouble with a prepaid mobile device I purchased. I was sick of ATT and paying high bills so I transferred from an iphone to verizon prepaid device. am totally regretting it now. Have tried calling customer support. The system doesn't recognize my number and gives me no option and then hangs up on me. Just talked to an actual person who transferred me to the automated system, which in turn hung up on me. Called back again, explained my situation, asked operator to not transfer me and to stay on line until I was connected with actual person. Was disconnected (hung up on!) when she tried to transfer me. I am totally regretting my decision to give verizon my business. I am not receiving calls to my phone and have apparently not been since I set up the account. Text msgs are going to my old mobile device, which no longer even has a sim card in it and has no service with any provider. Even more now that I'm trying to contact customer support through this option the system is still not recognizing my number so I'm forced to login as a "community member", if this is the kind of "customer support" verizon provides you will lose my bisiness by end of day. HELP