Data overage SCAM -- do something about it now please!


I have been a Verizon customer since pre-2000.  With 3-4 phone lines on a shared plans, over 16 years! 

I do not have room on this post nor time to explain the months of problems I have had with one line on this shared plan -- we have gone up from an 8 GB plan late last year to 24 GB today and still blew through that 24GB by October 19th for the month of October.  We have called customer service/tech support three times, gone into Verizon twice, and confirmed there is no problem with the phone itself (nor is it updating apps or backing up apps etc, nor is she using Netflix),  but Verizon cannot explain the overage!  They can tell us where the data is going -- to video, apparently, 80% of the time, but for what they cannot tell us ("it's encrypted").  *I can only see that it is video.*  This is happening when my daughter is ASLEEP, on Wi-fi at home/work, with the phone OFF, AND, there is a 4-time a day pattern of charging odd-amounts of data -- an exact pattern!  This has been happening for months!  NO ONE CAN TELL US WHAT IS WRONG. 

And no, she doesn't want a refurbished phone -- she is just short of paying off this one and nothing is wrong with it.  If she takes a refurbished phone, it will be worth nothing on trade-in.  And no, she cannot change her phone number, as she has had it for over 16 years!

I want money back.  I have paid overage fees each month, I have upped my plan 4 times in the last year.  No, a credit of $30 is not going to do it.

I want ACTION NOW.  Tech support says go into the store, the store says call tech support.  It is a terrible waste of time and I am about ready to investigate filing a class action lawsuit with the thousands of other customers who are being scammed of their data.  What other recourse do I have?  I work full time, my daughter works 60 hours a week, and we do not want to be hassled for any more HOURS of trying to get this resolved.  Stop giving us the run around and DO SOMETHING about it, Verizon!

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