Why can't I activate my Samsung tablet?


Several weeks ago I purchased online from Verizon Samsung SMS T818V tablet. When i tried to activate it had to go through six online technical support technicians and they were able partially to activate it. I had Internet access through 4G but displayed number was 000 000 0000. When I tried to make a call it was assigning the number from my cellphone.  I ended up in store twice,  where simcards were replace with similar results. I can make and receive calls but through my cell phone number. Every time I reboot it, it tries to activate but ends without finishing  this process.  The number displayed stays 000 000 0000. I tried to activate it through WiFi and network but the results are the same. Verizon replaced the tablet with a new one but the issue is still persisting.  I was told that this is normal? Why I can't activate it with assigned number?

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