Can't complete an online order for store pickup?


I am trying to make an online order for store pickup and cannot seem to get it to work.

I will get to the checkout stage of the process, and it will show that I have selected "store pickup," but when I try to proceed further, one of two things happen:

A) It takes to me to the followup page where it tries to use my address to send the phone to my residence, which is not what I want; the only options it gives me are "ship to residence" or "ship to business"


B) I get the message: "We're sorry! We cannot process your transaction at this time. Please try again after sometime."

This is really irritating and I've tried to logout and log back in to see if it makes a difference, but I keep running into the same problem when I attempt to reserve the phone for store pickup. I can't finish the transaction.

It may need to be noted that I'm attempting to pickup the phone from a store that is not in the same state as what is on my billing address (I am on a plan with my dad and brother, and our billing address is in Oregon—I'm in New York attending college, and want to pick up the phone from a store here). I don't really see how that should matter though aside from the fact that I'll have to pay the sales tax in NY.

Anyone else having this issue?

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