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How to leave feedback regarding a customer care experience?


I have searched (unsuccessfully) the VerizonWireless website on how to leave feedback regarding a particular customer care employee.  I'm leaving my comments here and hopefully a Verizon manager will see my post and forward it to the appropriate person/department.  Thanks in advance for your help in moving this message along.

Often times we hear about poor customer care but I'd rather tell you about an exceptional experience I had with Shae, a member of the Little Rock support team.  There are a few other Verizon team members who tried to assist me along the way and it was through them I was transferred to Shae.  My issue was not caused by Verizon but it's their people and their diligence that identified the cause and the solution.

Earlier this year, the 2nd user on my account dropped her HTC One in the water and it stopped working.  She purchased an iPhone 5, simply removed the SIM card from her HTC and installed it in her iPhone 5 ... her service continued uninterrupted.  This week, I went on-line and attempted to switch my More Everything plan to the new My Verizon plan.  The system advised me to call Verizon as my change could not be processed on-line.

When I called Verizon, several customer care team members tried to make the change but couldn't.  Everyone was very courteous and tried to help but most importantly, they got me to Shae.  I'm not sure what support tier he's in, but it's his thorough investigation that led to the reason why the plan change couldn't be made (an HTC card in an iPhone 5 should not be compatible) and how to fix it (install the correct card in the iPhone 5.)

Identifying the initial issue wasn't easy.  I knew my 2nd user had a new iPhone 5 but didn't know she'd replaced the SIM card with that from her HTC.  Shae asked a lot of questions and had me gather some information.  Since my 2nd user lives in another household, Shae had to call me back after I'd gotten the info. Several times he told me he'd call back within 30 minutes and he always did!  Though it took time, once I gave him the facts he quickly identified the problem and explained it to me.  Shae also told me that our attempts to update the plan resulted in the 2nd user's phone going off-line and would remain that way until a new card was installed.  I was very grateful for this knowledge because I was able to tell the 2nd user before she even noticed.

The issue could be fixed only with a visit to my Verizon store for a new card, followed by the plan change.  Shae made detailed notes on my account and my store representative was able to quickly get things squared away.  From start to finish, everyone at Verizon was helpful in some way but I feel it is Shae who is responsible for my positive experience ... especially because there was so much potential for it to become frustrating and negative.  Again, my thanks to Shae and the entire Verizon team!

Cindi Lyons

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