Gizmopal - Overheating - known issue by LG


Has anyone had a problem with the 1st generation gizmopal giving you a message that it's reached high temperatures and will shut off?  I got this message on my 1st gizmopal and I find it hard to believe that it could get so hot sitting in my son's backpack in the classroom.  Verizon tried to troubleshoot and ended up sending me a replacement unit.  Now I get the same overheating message with the 2nd unit.  What's frustrating is that you cannot turn the band back on from the app.  So the unit is useless.  I called Verizon again and they directed me to call LG.  I called LG and they said that this is a known issue with the gizmopal and they want me to send the unit to them for repair.   Personally, I would like refund but they said that was not possible.

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