Desktop Message+ App Misses Text Messages


I use the desktop version of the Message+ app every day. I have a problem where sometimes I receive a text on my phone that does not appear in the desktop app.  This happens three or four times a day.  Sometimes more when I am texting heavily.  I use the Message+ app on my phone as well.  This problem happens on all three of my computers so I don't think it's a computer issue.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program both on my phone and on my computers.  I did that last night and the problem happened again this morning.  There's a sync option in the desktop app, and I've tried selecting that option several times when I receive a message on my phone that does not appear in the app.  After syncing the missed message does not appear, even though I get a balloon popup in the taskbar saying that messages synced successfully.  That message is gone forever in the desktop app and doesn't ever appear no matter what I do.  I can restart the computer, restart the app, re-sync, and none of that makes that particular message show up.  This seems like a programming glitch.  Please fix this.

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