Delayed Messages - Verizon Messaging App


I have the Verizon Galaxy S5 with the newest Android version.  I have been having issues with people receiving my texts hours or sometimes days after I send.  At first I thought it only applied to MMS or picture messages but it is regular text messages as well.  I use the Verizon app and it doesn't matter if I'm on the mobile network or Wi-Fi.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason.  The issue has been reported back to me from other Verizon users as well as T Mobile and other carriers.  I have done enough research to come to the conclusion that it is in issue with my phone or the Verizon app itself or maybe even the network.  I thought about maybe trying to use the native texting app instead of the Verizon one or downloading Go SMS to see if that solves the problem.  I was just wondering if others are having the same issue.  I have literally had to take screenshots to send to people to show that I truly DID send the text hours or days prior.  This is causing a lot of confusion and problems and I don't see why my texts are not being sent instantly.  It makes no sense!

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