How do I reset (not change) the voicemail greeting?

Exactly as it says on the tin. I want to effectively delete my custom voice mail greeting and have it reset to the default system one. The one that says "Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice-messaging system. (123) 555-1234 is not available." I tried doing this before and all I could do was record a new one, so I recorded dead air. Is there a way to do this through the settings menu or My Verizon, or do I have to go to the store and have a tech do this?

I looked at the Voice Mail FAQs page, and all it says is something about "Visual Voice Mail":

What happens when I change from Visual Voice Mail to Basic Voice Mail?

When changing from Visual Voice Mail to Basic, all existing messages will be transferred. Your standard greetings will be saved but you will lose custom greetings.

I don't even know what Visual Voice Mail is, or how I would know if I have it or not. I just want to reset the custom greeting but don't know how to do so in the settings menu. I press *86 to go to voice mail, press 2 for personal options, then 4 to record a new voice greeting. Nowhere in the voice greeting menu does it say "to reset your greeting to default, press ___." I don't want to record a new one. I want to get rid of the new one and go back to the factory default. (If you must know why, It's because I hate how my voice sounds on the phone and prefer the computer greeting. I'm not going to ask someone to record a greeting for me either.)

Phone is an LG enV Touch from ca. 2007 (?) or so. It's a non-data plan. Nobody in our family uses smartphones, so no point in using "apps for that." I don't think it's a phone-specific issue either, but a system-wide one, as I had recorded the greeting on another phone I had back in ~2004-5, and it carried through to the "new" one (well, the one I got afterwards, the enV Touch -- I know seven years old isn't exactly "new"). Again, I don't want to change the greeting, per se (as in record a new custom message). I just want to delete the custom one (the dead air, basically) and revert to the default computer message as above.

Can I do this, and if so, how?

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