When will we get update 10.2?


Now that the Z30 has been released have the powers that be provided any detailed information on when the official OS 10.2 update will be available for the Z10 or Q10? It's frustrating to think that the only way to have the most current OS for BlackBerry devices is to purchase a brand new device (not the most viable approach to maintaining up to date software for any phone and certainly not an option for me since my discounted phone upgrade was used on a Z10 when it became available) or download a leak of the newest OS and hope you don't damage your phone in any way.

As blogs are now beginning to report the features of the upcoming 10.2.1 update, I'm cringing that I still don't have the enhanced performance and bug fixes of the 10.2 update. So many have pointed out that when it comes to os updates Verizon has a reputation as the worst carrier. Any substantiated indicators would be appreciated.

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