Cell Reception Declined Permanently in May


I have had Verizon service for at least 15 years.  The cell reception has always been excellent, better than other services, especially in small pockets.  Verizon would have at least half bars in small, isolated location in the Catskill Mountains, Hudson Valley and ALL of NYC, even sub basements and in cement underground areas. 

Sometime in May, perhaps early June, my cell service just completely dropped off.  I could no longer make calls or text in the majority of my house in Brooklyn, NY, in areas of my neighborhood and random spots all over Brooklyn.  For 15 years I had usually full bars or close to it, anywhere in Brooklyn, NYC and honestly, most of the country.  Now, something changed in May and service is permanently deteriorated substantially.  I have to stand in the middle of my street to get one bar to make any calls or send texts.

This did not only happen with my main line, but 5 seperate work phones, all with unique numbers.  They all stopped having usable service in my house/neighborhood on the exact same day.  It is obviously not any of my devices.  Something was changed at that point and it has completely destroyed cell reception.   

Something doesn't make sense and I am finding it very difficult to get an answer from Verizon.  I already stopped paying for my work phones because of this.  If something isn't done soon, I will be switching service providers.  Verizon was worth paying a higher price for superior service.  Certainly not paying that price for inferior service/reception.  I could get better reception with a cheap prepaid.  And people in my neighborhood, with Verizon having similar issues.  People with other service providers have seen no change.

This is going on for THREE months, without fix.

Who I have the same questioned this topic