Note 9 receiving delayed text messages

This is a long standing problem, but it's become inceasingly ridiculous in the last few days.

  • At first, it seemed like only AT&T senders were affected. I received their messages between 4 and 18 hours late.
  • I now know it is ALL carriers affected. Android & iPhones, different device generations.
  • It's not just group chats. It's everything.
  • Text messages and multimedia messages are more likely to arrive at early morning hours.
  • A coworker has the exact same issue, down to the minute. We both received late messages from the same coworkers at the exact same times, and we're both on Verizon, but she has an iPhone. 

I'd love to think this is a device or app issue, but considering my last bullet, I don't think anything I do will affect this. At this point I've 

  • Restarted/Power cycled my device several times
  • Reviewed/allowed all app permissions
  • Switched between messaging apps
  • Cleared cache 
  • switched between wifi and data

This needs to be resolved or explained. I understand messaging usage is way up thanks to COVID-19, and if that's the reason messaging is unreliable, then TELL US and provide alternatives so we can communicate. 

Who I have the same questioned this topic