Call & text on other devices


Hello Support,

I currently have a $1,000+ Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus that was purchased from Verizon Wireless. In addition, I also purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 WIFI only version from another vendor.

There is a feature (at least that is what Samsung says) that is supposed to allow me to send/receive calls and text from the Tab S6 via my $1,000+ Note 10+; howeveer, when I tried to find the following settings: Call & text on other devices in the Settings app of the phone that feature was not found on the Note 10+

Verizon Support, please provide a detailed explanation why that feature is not available on my $1,000+ Note 10+ and how I can make and receive calls on my Tab S6 via my phone like Samsung says is a feature of both devices.


Look at the Compadibility Section; my tablet and my $1,000+ Note 10+ is supposed to be compadible.


Who I have the same questioned this topic