Verizon messaging app for windows is garbage.


I am constantly running into a situation where my son is not receiving messages I send to him from The verizon messages app on my windows desktop. 

  1. He and I are on the shared plan. 
  2. Messages from the desktop will get to him for a while and then suddenly stop going to him
  3. Messages from message plus on my androit WILL get to him
  4. Messages from the browser app at
  5. I have no problem sending messages to dozens of other people using message plus on my desktop. 
  6. I've deleted and reinstalled message plus a number of times with the same cruddy results. 
  7. The desktop message plus version is
  8. When I go to the link above I click on the desktop version to try to see if there is a new version. HOWEVER, THERE IS NO WINDOWS VERSION LISTED.. JUST ANDROID MAC AND IOS. 
  9. If I send from the windows desktop app, the message does not show on my phone, his phone or the browser app
  10. If I send from my phone, it shows on his phone, Desktop Message + and the browser app
  11. If I send from the browser app, it shows on his phone, desktop message + and my phone
  12. This is completely unacceptable. A multi billion dollar messaging company can't seem to make a simple messaging app that works. The UI is garbage but I could live with that. What I can't live with is trying to send messages to my son where they fail to send and I get no notification. 

    So, my questions

  13. Is there a newer version of message plus available for the Windows desktop? 
  14. Why the heck are messages to my son failing to deliver to him. ?
  15. Do you plan on ever fixing this? I have seen other people with similar problems. 
Who I have the same questioned this topic