Bill Pay problems Online


Online using my computer which has worked fine for many years(10+) to pay my Verizon Bill....

I have the payment method saved.

Yesterday and today when I click the CONFIRM button on the page to send payment, it would not complete payment. It simply goes back to the same CONFIRM page. I tried many times, logged out/in, etc.

I called Verizon, she made no mention of others with the problem, and it was suggested I use the APP on my phone, which worked fine. I exited the APP and went back on the computer, logged in and shows payment complete.

However, I then tried to access my Profile Settings and I get HTTP ERROR 500 -" is currently unable to handle this request."

Is this related to the online BillPay problem I had? If not, is there a known problem using online Bill Pay, specifically the CONFIRM function not operating?


Who I have the same questioned this topic