Hydrogen red issues


I've had the Red for a couple of months now and it seems to get worse by the week!!

ISSUE #1 My fingerprint scanner completely disappeared off my phone, it's not in my settings at all anymore! It started with an error message when I tried to use the fingerprint scanner and within 24hrs the entire software had seemingly disappeared completely from my phone. 

ISSUE #2  Max volume on speaker is almost impossible to hear when listening to music or watching Netflix, YouTube, Hulu etc. 

ISSUE #3 When trying to use speaker phone during a call the call goes completely silent for both parties.

ISSUE #4 No incoming call volume! I've literally checked and tried every possible problem and solution for this to no avail. I have sound for EVERYTHING except incoming calls. It vibrates and the light blinks but no sound.

ISUE #5 I have random calls incoming and outgoing where the other person can't hear me  It happens mostly when I have an incoming call, the caller can't hear me but I can hear them.

ISSUE #6 Software won't update! It says the last update was December of 2018. 

If anyone can help me with any of this I'd greatly appreciate your help!!!

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