Service coverage


My service has slowly deteriorated in the last couple of years. I am typing this on a T-Mobile iPad, as my Verizon one has no service at the Newark Airport in NJ. In my hometown, Verizon historically has been fantastic and significantly better than everyone else. Well not anymore. Verizon is about the same as the competition, while still charging a premium. It is so bad that it has been followed on my towns Facebook page, with 100s of complaints of how bad the service has gotten. I have taken my concerns to the local Verizon store and they lie and claim service is better than it has ever been, and I am the only one to mention the steep decline. I know many people in my community have also complained. I am curious if this is at all related to sharing the signal with Xfinity, as that is about the right timeline when things got bad. It is just unfortunate, that so many people went from 5 bars almost everywhere, to dropped calls, slow internet or no service at all. So far no one at Verizon has even admitted there is a problem.

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