Extremely slow data speeds!


After being bamboozled into switching to the Unlimited Go plan, my download data speeds have slowed down so much that even the My Verizon app can’t load itself. This is not a temporary thing as outlined in our contract. It is around the clock 24/7. After spending over 3 hours on the phone and being passed along to 3 different people in CS, I was told that the only way around the situation was to upgrade my plan and give them $30 more per month for our two lines. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told that a supervisor would not be available for 24-48 hours, and that they would call me back. In the meantime, every CS Rep that I spoke with tried to tell me that less than 50kbps (slower than dial up speeds from the 90’s) was enough to perform basic internet functions like email, yet couldn’t tell me how to even send and email when my email app times out and won’t load due to extremely slow/no data speeds. 

Both phones on our plan are iPhone XR, and the internet speed test was performed by the default speed test provided by Google. Signal strength 3of4 bars LTE. 

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