IPhone XS slow data response, just switched from AT&T to Verizon


Hi, we just switched from AT&T to Verizon and my children are constantly complaining that things are so slow now for them. They are doing simple things like texting or snapchat etc. To me that is not data intensive. I have a Samsung Galaxy s10+ and it works great. Could it be something to do with the Iphone XS internal modem or maybe Verizon is throttling those specific devices. We do have the Go Unlimited so I expected some issues with congestions. However for them, they randomly try do something and have full bars and the response is ZERO from the tower. That is not throttling for congestion that is refusing all sorts of data activity which is not something I thought I was getting with this plan. This worries me because I heard that Comcast's new plan uses Verizon networks and maybe we native users are taking a back seat. I did report this to Verizon and gave them my zip code (01886) and they checked the obligatory check that there are no outages. I am having buyers remorse on this. The signal in my area is excellent but the response to data cell connects leaves alot to be desired.

Could it be an issue with the XS phones themselves or are the towers so jammed with other services that Verizon is selling, e.g. like Comcast and pay as you go phones. I feel confident it is an issue as the kids NEVER said a word when we had AT&T.

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