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Rebate Scam


Beware the Switch to Verizon promos!! I got married and switched to his Verizon plan instead of staying with t mobile. Big Mistake. Phone rep said I had to buy new phone as my just-paid-off galaxy 7 would not port. Ok. Got 300 bucks for it and  promised a $200 mastercard. Ok. 3 months and about 5 calls later, never got the card. Reps would just delay me another 2 weeks. Was told I'd get an email with instructions to submit rebate. Even told that "I just had my supervisor MANUALLY enter your rebate". None of it ever happened and finally after a looong online chat session, a rep said I never qualified for it in 1st place. She gave me a tracking number and said I should call yet another 800 number to explain situation. 

We're likely going back to t mobile. 15 yrs with them and outstanding customer service. They would've never pulled this garbage. I believe there are 3rd party phone reps that take the 'SWITCH TO VERIZON" CALLS ALL DAY LONG, PROMISE ALL THIS STUFF, GET YOU TO SIGN UP AND THEN THE BALL iS DROPPED. I dont have time for this.

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