Bad service


Don’t know where els to post this but I am literally fed up with Verizon service...I have the beyond unlimited plan along with a Verizon mifi jetpack paying over 180$ monthly..I am a first responder and use my jet pack in my vehicle for my computer. I was told that I could get on a first responder plan for cheaper payment but most importantly my status on data would be priority. I always have 4g LTE where ever I go but my service always terrible. Drops calls all the time and when I am on the phone the calls are broken up or distorted. My mifi service always terrible haveing high latency meaning slow internet even with full 4g signal. I make numerous calls or chats with customer service and they never fix the problem. And I can’t even cancel my service without paying even more money than I already do monthly for cruddy service. Is there a customer service agent that speaks well enough English that people can understand? Or do they even know what I’m the heck are they doing? Verizon advertises the most coverage and best service but it’s false advertising. Please fix my service so I can use it properly and get the service I pay for is that to hard to ask for?

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