I bought the XS MAX from VERIZON a little over a month ago & it worked great for about 3 weeks. Then It started dropping calls incoming & outgoing within 10 seconds. It’s done it at my house inside & out & in different areas of the town I live in (zip code 71263) & also while I’ve been in another state. With or without a case on my phone it still drops calls. With or without WiFi/Bluetooth still same problem. All software up to date. Phone has never been dropped/wet no physical damage whatsoever. I’ve contacted Verizon several times ab this issue & they suggested network reset& it only fixed it for a few hours & I was told it could be bc if recent storms & that there was no active alerts for the area or the phone so basically there shouldn’t be a problem. So I contacted Apple hoping for a solution & they checked my analytics data & saw the amount of dropped calls I’ve had & suggested to backup my data & do factory reset. That was 2 days ago & every call I’ve made today has been dropped so obviously it did not help. I called apple again tonight & was told that when I talked to apple previously I should’ve been told to use iTunes on my computer to do a factory reset & I would have to do ANOTHER reset then could not restore ANYTHING to my phone for 2 days bc it may be a virus & I would reinfect my phone  (we own a business & I do 75% of all of it on my phone & I have to have all paperwork available at all times ) & if it still dropped calls I would have to send to apple to be serviced. So I’m guessing that would be approx 2-3 weeks I would basically be without my phone if I was to do what I was told. I don’t think this is an issue with a virus or weak reception areas or out of date software. Everybody I know with a new iPhone is having the same issue. I paid $1200 for this phone & expect it to work ANY time I want it to. We need a solution to permanently fix this issue or we need NEW phone replacements that actually work. 

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