Problems receiving sound notifications on phone when connected to a bluetooth device.


Every since I installed the latest update to my galaxy S9 plus (Pie), I've been having issues. If I receive a text message while my bluetooth device is connected, the sound is only coming through my bluetooth device and not my phone, so I basically have to walk around with my bluetooth in my ear to hear my notifications using verizon's message+. It used to be where you would hear sound on both the device and through your bluetooth, but now you can only hear through your bluetooth when a bluetooth is connected. I don't walk around with my bluetooth in my ear all day; however, I do keep it connected all day, so this is a bad feature to take away from us. It's bad enough that we no longer get text message alerts through Message+ when we're on a call. You basically have to keep looking at your phone to see if you got any missed messages. If the issue was that some people don't like hearing notifications while on a call, they already had the option to turn that feature off. Now the users who preferred that option is inconvenienced. These updates are taking away features that we need and prefer instead of creating an option to toggle the feature on/off. I am really bothered that I can no longer get sound notifications on my phone while my bluetooth is connected. I haven't tested all notifications, but I definitely do not hear sound when I get a text message using Verizon's Message+. I hope this is a glitch that can be tested by samsung/verizon and fixed. 

Verizon-Please look into this. It's really frustrating when we're forced to give up features that should remain optional. I have the galaxy S9 Plus and I use the Verizon Message+ Text Messaging App.

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