Why is my Mobile Hotspot not working?


The mobile hotspot on my MotoZ Force is not broadcasting the wifi signal needed to connect to other devices. It worked for the first week I had the aboveunlimited plan, then stopped working from one day to the next. No matter how many times I disconnect everything and restart everything there is no change. Normally when it's working correctly, the hotspot icon in my notifications shows the number of devices connected, whether it be a few or none, but now it says 'Mobile Hotspot Active, Tap to set up' I have tried setting it up in different ways, and as previously mentioned, disconnecting and restarting all devices involved. I have checked to see if the hotspot showed up on the wifi list for my PS4, a laptop and another phone and it simply isn't showing up. My data is connected, my WiFi is set to be visible to other devices. There was a system update during this time.

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