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Possible Verizon agent scam?

I went online to purchase something today from Verizon online.  An agent, "Jessica" came onto the chat window to do what agents do (encourage you along in your shopping).  Oddly, though, "Jessica" did not seem to have any access to my account and when the time came for me to pay for the device I was ordering, instead of the charge going to my account (as it would if I just clicked on things to purchase myself without an agent's help) her chat window led me to a credit card payment site that struck me as potentially fraudulent. The site URL she wanted me to go to is:;ZJGecXaGmVOSbLwGd...

This seemed suspicious to me with the word "inspicio" before Verizon.   I did NOT enter credit card info though the agent got  my name and phone number. 

I made my purchase myself, the normal way, and told "Jessica" that I thought she was a scammer.  I copied the entire chat, and the URL, and immediately called Verizon.  They were supposed to connect me to the Fraud department and send me a link to use to report this event but so far no link.

Anybody else have this happen? Is one of their agents a fraudster, is the site hacked, or am I just paranoid. Is "inspicio" a legit payment site for Verizon? I could not find ANY indication that it is legit.

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