Watch out for Upgrades


I was looking to upgrade my Iphone 6s plus (which is paid off) and my wife's Iphone 7 (I owe about 75$ on it) with Iphone 8 Plus's, so last night I went on the Verizon wireless website and started browsing deals.  I began chatting to a customer service rep named Jessica and she started explaining the offers I was eligible for.  Jessica seemed great, she offered me an amazing deal that I though was too good to be true; I was getting 2 Iphone 8's with a FREE case, car charger, and screen protector for each phone (she said it was free as part of a bundle deal).  Not only was I getting the accessories for free but she offered me her discount of $150 off each phone, waived the upgrade fee, and also a choice of a gift card or an applied credit with my 2 trade ins (which she told me were about 435$ total).  After over an hour of chatting I paid the sales tax on the 2 phones (160$) and went over everything that was just discussed, because like I said, it seemed too good to be true.  She confirmed that I would be getting both new phones, the free accessories, 40% off the wireless charging station, a waived upgrade fee, her discount of 150$ off both new phones, and an option of getting a gift card or applied credit trading in my current phones; the best part was that my monthly bill would only be 124$ a month (it is currently 118$).  I paid the 160$ sales tax and went to bed, thinking that the deal was done.  The next morning I checked my email and I saw an amazing surprise; a one time bill next month for 489$ and then a regular bill of 196$.  Jessica charged me full price for every single accessory, had me pay the 30$ upgrade fee for both phones, and did not give me her 150$ off every phone.  When I called customer service they told me they couldn't really do anything about it and that Jessica the great customer service rep, had lied.  I don't really understand how a company such as Verizon can do that to its customers and what makes it even more crazy is that they can pull up the entire chat on record and see that I wasn't lying or over exaggerating, it was all there in black and white.  Jessica even lied about my active duty military discount, stating that it wasn't on my account and that once I call customer service they can put it on (I had switched my plan to unlimited data and wasn't sure if my military discount had been taken off because of the switch).  I ended up canceling the entire upgrade and was just disappointed that the rep had lied and that, even though it was documented in the chat, there was still nothing that could be done.  I feel something should have been done; I don't care about the accessories, but at least honor what was promised to me.  All I wanted was 2 new phones and a monthly bill around 135$ a month, the gift card and accessories were just an added bonus.  I am at the point of canceling the service completely and getting a better deal somewhere else; its incidents like this that leave a bad taste in the customer's mouth, especially when it was all documented.  #disgusted

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