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iPhone X issues


My wife and I each switched to iPhone X in February.  Neither device has worked properly since we got them.  We are trying to conduct business with these phone and losing money and customers.  People try to call us and the phones do not ring, they try to text us and we do not get the text messages, we try to send text messages or photos and they will not go.  We have contacted Verizon numerous times, spoke with tier 2 support, reset phones and nothing helped.  We have been to the Apple store, 2 hours away and they did nothing.  Today I spoke with a Verizon supervisor and she offered to give us $50 per phone off so we would only have to pay $100 each to get our phones that are still under a manufacturers warrantee replaced under insurance.  I can't understand why I have to pay over $230 a month for service I do not get and then pay more to fix phones that I did not break.  If anyone can give me suggestions, I would appreciate it.  If the suggestion is to switch networks, tell me which is best.

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