Splitting The Bill function removed?


I can't find the Splitting the Bill function you used to have on the website. I saw other people asking questions about it. The answers provided were not very helpful - someone said "just read your bill" and an official Verizon responder said if you scroll down to the line charges there is a "simple way" to separate out the overall charges to split then add to your own line charge. Whoever said "just read your bill" is probably not splitting theirs. You do get an amount for individual line charges, but the rest - the service charge, the surcharges and taxes, and any fees, etc. are not combined to split and may include any balance forward that one person or another (we have 4) on the plan may have not paid yet. And Verizon's response isn't accurate - the simplified way to do it was the "Splitting the Bill" feature! Can you explain why that was removed, and inform us as to whether it will be returned?

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