Network Extender Stuck In Startup State 11b


For about 2 months I had purchased and successfully used a 4G LTE Network Extender.  Then, about a week ago, it lost connection with the network and had to restart, and now it cannot get past startup state 11b.  I’ve called Verizon’s 611 number and they just send us an email telling us it isn’t their problem, it’s our ISP, and make sure certain ports are configured correctly on my router.  I’ve made sure those ports are configured correctly, but that does not solve the problem.  I’ve cycled power, reset the router, reset the extender, everything.  And my ISP is saying it’s not their problem either.  Does anyone have an idea of what to do next, or what the problem is?  I’m considering changing ISPs anyway but before I inconvenience myself I wanted to see if someone out there had a solution.

My ISP only provides a data rate on the order of about 5 Mbps.

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