Switched to unlimited plan, now it is slow.


I just switched to the Verizon unlimited plan a few days ago (when our cable internet went out and I was afraid we'd need to use more than we had this month on our phones) and there is a major difference in speed since the change (SLOW!). My husband used to video chat with me every lunch without any problems, and we had no issue streaming video or using hotspots on the rare occasion it was necessary. However, over the last few days, we've seen a drastic reduction in our speed. Our video calls are terrible, and the hotspot speeds cannot handle even two devices connected at the same time. Streaming video or playing games on two tablets at once is impossible. Nothing else has changed but our plan, and we've only used a total of 10.74GB this month so far, so nowhere near the point where we get put below others on the data priority ladder. And now, the XL data plan that we used to be on isn't available anymore, and we are stuck on unlimited unless we want to pay for overages. I'm pretty disappointed. Why is the speed so much different???


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