Group Text Displaying Number Other Than The Originators Number


No one at Verizon seems to be able to answer WHY group texts are generating erroneous numbers that masks the actual sender of the message.   It seems like Verizon is intentionally being oblique in addressing this issue.   In an age of security, most people are hugely wary of opening a text from a number they don't recognize.  This essentially kills the ability to reach those people you are trying to text.  If they don't recognize the number...then they won't open the text thereby rendering the effort as useless.

I've searched a ton of threads on this topic and even noted that the attempt to search on a number of similar topics sends me to threads with absolutely no useful or even related information.

Near as I can see, this problem started back in April but just recently started with me when I updated.

The Verizon responders are dialoguing in the most aggravating of manners which demonstrates that this concern is basically being sent to loop about and is generally being ignored.

So here is your chance Verizon, I think I've not only put in a clear title but also a pretty good problem statement.

Here it is again..."Why is it that when I send out  a group text that the message that comes up on the receivers phone shows a number other than mine (the originator)?"  and, "in this age of security, wasn't this considered as a problem as most people won't open a text from someone that they don't know who the originator is?" 

How is this being addressed?

I can tell you this, and I don't think I'm alone, this is a deal breaker and it compels me to seek another carrier if it's not addressed.


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