Why would wifi calling stop working?


Like many of you, we have very poor mobile service at home. I got a phone and a plan that had wifi calling. Unfortunately, if there is even a weak mobile signal, the phone will use mobile, not wifi, resulting in very poor quality calls. I started a Verizon chat, hoping to find a way to use wifi calling when the mobile sigal was weak. The tech said there was not. [WHY NOT VERIZON??] She suggested a workaround. Go into airplane mode [thus ignoring the mobile signal] then re enable wifi. This worked. For months. Until this week. I tried to make a call from home home yesterday and a message came up saying that the phone can't make calls in airplane mode. I contacted Verizon again. After a long chat, the rep had me turn off the phone and did a resync? from her end. After powering up the phone I was able to make a wifi call in airplane mode. Yeah!. I asked if there was anything I could do from my end to prevent and or solve the problem if it happened again. The rep said no, the solution should be permanent. It was if permanent means less than a day. Today the problem returned. Another long chat [with the rep suggesting I buy a network extender and that wifi calling was never meant to take over for phone calls] he repeated the procedure from yesterday, and now wifi calling in airplane mode is working again. One thing that may have retriggered the problem is that when I was away for home today I tried to make a call while still in airplane mode. I got the message that the phone cannot make calls in airplane mode and asked if airplane should be turned off. I tapped OK and had a successful call over the mobile network. That was the message the phone gave me when I went back home, went into airplane, enabled wifi and tried to make a call. To sum up, my issues are 1.Why can't the phone default to wifi calling when the mobile signal is too weak for an intelligible call? 2. Why is the workaround [go into airplane, enable wifi, suggested by a Verizon rep] giving me problems?

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