Extremely slow internet all of a sudden


Ok, to start off before someone responds with, "You have hit slow speeds because you are getting capped because of usage". We have the unlimited talk and text plan and our data just reset 5 days ago and it has been slowed since the 9th of this month. At the time when we noticed this started happening I checked our MiFi hotspot and in front of the 4G LTE it says Extended. Now I called about this and they made a ticket for our plan and here it is 3, almost 4 days later and we are getting 110 Kbps constantly. Whenever they made this ticket for our account they said 1 to 3 days later it would be faster. Still not improved. We just do not know why all of a sudden it says Extended. We have been a part of Verizon for over 6 years and we are about to drop it. We are not happy having a $380 bill every month with terrible internet. Whenever they made the ticket all that we have noticed is they sent us a video over how we need to get a better signal. We have had the same signal for years, why has it slowed? We know it is a little bit of signal problems but we want at least our 5 Mbps back. Someone please help.

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