No Video Calling with unlocked Samsung S8+?


I've been using the Video Calling feature for our family for years to keep in

touch with other family members. Reciently I just upgraded my mothers Verizon

S6 to an unlocked Samsung S8+ purchased directally from Samsung.

Everything works (calling, texting, internet, etc) on the new s8+ EXCEPT

the Video Calling feature is COMPLETELY absent from either originating calls to

or receiving calls from family members. Video Calling is also absent in the

Phone|Call Settings screen where you can normally turn on or off the Video Calling

Feature.  I spent a couple hours on line with Tier 1 tech support and they had me

reset nearly everything on the phone. Including making sure that the VolTE option

was turned on.

Then I was escalated to Tier 2 tech support and they stated there was a

Video Calling button that (for whatever reason) could NOT be turned for this

unlocked phone. Huh?

I called Samsung tech support and they stated that this indeed was in fact an

option that needed to be turned on by the network carrier Verizon.

Anyone else run into this problem?   So now what?

THX paul

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