Slow hotspot/tethering speeds - very disappointed


I recently signed up for the Above Unlimited Plan with Verizon. The promise was 4GLTE speeds for the first 20GB of Mobile Hotspot use.

I tethered to my IMac and did a speed test with Ookla right away since the performance was abysmal.  I range 1.5-1.6mb download and around 600k upload or less.

My ATT tethering got 12MB download during the same time frame and 3MB upload from the same computer and location.

We live within a close distance to several towers.

Since I did this test right away, there is no way that I could be at the 20GB threshold. I have continued to test over the last two days and still can't achieve any better speeds.

This is not acceptable and from what I'm seeing in other threads,  Verizon should worry that enough people are experiencing this that it could end up being a serious public relations and legal problem.

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