How do a fix a false "activation incomplete" message?


On August 15, 2017, my Galaxy S6 received an OS update (G920VVRU4DQF3).  Ever since then, I frequently get an "activation incomplete" message when I restart my phone.  The strange thing is that, even with the error, the phone seems to work just fine.  I can still make and receive calls, receive text messages, and access the internet.  I've had this phone for around two years and this is the first time I'm seeing this message, so I know it has something to do with the update.  I've tried restarting my phone, powering down the phone and rebooting, and clearing the cache partition.  I even went to a local Verizon Wireless store to see if they could fix the problem.  They gave me a new SIM card, but the problem persists.  Since then I have noticed that the message does not always occur, but when it does, the message appears any where from immediately after a restart to several hours later.  Sometimes I can clear the message by powering off the phone and rebooting.  Other times I have to power off the phone, remove the SIM, reinsert the SIM, and boot the phone again.  I always make sure my wi-fi is turned off before rebooting as suggested by others experiencing the same problem last year, but that has no affect.  Clearly, a problem was introduced with the last OS update pushed to my phone.  Verizon, please fix.

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