No USB icon/option in my status bar/shade!


The directions from Verizon and all over the internet tells me to transfer pictures via USB cable by tapping on the status bar (shade) and then tapping in the USB icon.  The problem is that I do not see a USB icon or any mention of USB either.

I tried getting help via Verizon on Facebook.  I could not get them to understand that I had not USB option. Then they pushed the cloud (which has a monthly fee) as a way to transfer photos. I finally gave up, realizing all I was going to get was a sale's pitch for cloud.  He told me it was free, but I saw that there is a $5 monthly charge.

This is ridiculous. With the my wife's Samsung, there is no problem.

Is there another way to turn off the "charging" default of the USB so I can use the cable to transfer pictures to my computer?

Help very very much appreciated!

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