How do I redeem my e-gift card?


I recently purchased an e-gift card for a friend's daughters. Initially, I saw the charge on my VZ monthly statement. However, when I paid my monthly bill, there was a $25 credit reported on the statement for the e-gift card purchased. I thought maybe I had a credit available or special offer that got redeemed for purchasing an e-gift card and didn't think anything more about it.

My friend went to use the e-gift card and received an error. I immediately purchased another e-gift card for her to use. I then called VZ customer service and they were unable to explain why the original e-gift card purchased was credited. Additionally, they were able to assist me with my most recent e-gift card purchase to confirm that it would work. Is anyone able to assist? I'm very disappointed in the lack of support available to assist with e-gift card purchases.

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