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$150 Verizon Switch Rebate and billing issues. Regretting switching all together.

I switched to Verizon and was told I would receive a $150 switch rebate. I filled out the form, and it was accepted. Supposedly the card was mailed out over 30 days ago. I have called the number indicated for customer support, but it's an automated system with no option for cards that have not been received.

On top of that, Verizon attempted to deduct my first payment from my bank account twice. The first one went through, the second one did not. (Which makes sense since it was the entire total that was due, and it was only due one time.) Now I'm being charged a returned item fee and a re-connection fee on this bill. My service was never disconnected because, duh, the first transaction paid the balance. Spoke with customer service about this any they weren't a lot of help, only wanted to make a payment arrangement for the total.

I am irritated beyond believe and regretting switching my cell service in the first place.

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