Using Network Extender - Why does data usage go toward my data cap?


Simple question. Why is it when I'm connected to my network extender, which interfaces with my home network to operate, I am considered to be using data that counts against my data limit? I am not using Verizon's towers when connected to my network extender, and it's a little ridiculous that I'm considered to be using data when I'm not even using Verizon's towers.

Reason I ask is because someone in my household has a tendency to disable WiFi on the device they are using without realizing it, while we are at home where the extender is, and suddenly I'm out of data and am charged for another 1GB. This has happened twice now. I realize there are steps to mitigate this and I'm not looking for a solution to that - just wondering why Verizon thinks my network extender usage merits being charged extra for data they are not serving/providing.

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