iPhone X not connecting calls to my Galaxy S7 Edge



A co-worker recently upgraded to iPhone X. I have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Both phones & numbers are on the same account as well as other phones. I can not stay connected incoming or outgoing with the new iPhone X using my S7 Edge. The call immediately drops after connecting. Before this started happening there was a terrible machine-type echo when we could talk.

We were able to call/receive just fine before he upgraded. I can make calls successfully to/from other Verizon numbers on the account. The iPhone X user says it's my S7 Edge. I say it's his new $1000.00 phone.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: iPhone X not connecting calls to my Galaxy S7 Edge

Community Manager
Community Manager

Tom Sh, we want to ensure you're able to stay connected on calls with the other line on your plan. It definitely seems odd that the calls drop at the beginning of every connection made. Does the iPhone X user have any similar issues with calls other than yourself? Where do you experience these problems on calls with the other line? Is there a zip code you can provide?


Please use the links provided to check on your Advanced Calling settings to ensure both devices have the feature enabled. http://spr.ly/6585DVrqX





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