Years of future payments tossed in the trash!


I am DONE playing jockey between you and apple! I paid you for a brand new iphone x! NOT GARBAGE THAT DOES NOT WORK! I paid you for the most expensive phone on the market and your answer to your non working theft? IS NOT AN ANSWER! I am joining the others! The amount of stress your theft has caused me is unforgivable! It is going to take years to recoup from what you have stolen from my mental health! I AM DONE! We are going to prepaid, prepaid that is NOT VERIZON! WE DONT NEED YOU! We chose you! WE wont make that mistake again! THIEVES! SELLING JUNK! THAT DOES NOT WORK!

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Re: Years of future payments tossed in the trash!

Community Manager
Community Manager

BILLEA95, we are truly saddened to hear that you have been experiencing issues with your phone. Getting a new phone should be an exciting time rather than one that creates stress. What has happened? How might we assist?



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