Someone else is receiving my calls.


For two weeks now, sporadically someone else is receiving my calls.  I have contacted customer service multiple times for hours and they still can't seem to fix the issue.

Sometimes the call goes directly to the him (I have no record of the missed call).  Sometimes it rings once or twice to me then stops, and then goes to him.  Sometimes people get his voicemail directly (not mine).  

I don't know this person, I have never set up call forwarding (they have removed the option from my account entirely), they have investigated my line for fraud (negative) but it is still happening.



Re: Someone else is receiving my calls.


My husband has had this problem for a while and Verizon cannot seem to get it fixed. Sadly the person on the other end of this doesn’t even speak English!

One website indicates some type of forwarding may have gotten set up. To disable, dial *73 on your phone, and press <SEND>.  If that doesn't work, then try dialing *920 and pressing <SEND>

*73 did not work for him. *920 seems to have worked since I finally got his voicemail instead of a stranger - either that or the other person is ignoring my calls now!