My Apple Watch 3 won't connect to cellular network


We bought 2 iPhone 10XR about 3 weeks ago with Iwatch 4. Mine worked fine if I left my phone at home. Come to find out my husband’s didn’t. So after spending half my day on the phone, at 2 Verizon stores, after resetting the wast have it worked. Come home. Do an update on my phone. Now mine won’t work. Reset mine. Now both work. We change the faces on our watches now both don’t work. I’ve wasted 10 hrs of my day on this and I have an angry husband. Our account is current with Verizon and our plan shows 2 phones and 2 watches. Please help. 


Re: My Apple Watch 3 won't connect to cellular network

Customer Service Rep

Ljc11, going through that difficult time with the Apple watches is very alarming. I will be more than happy to assist. Please share with me did you set up the number share option after resetting the watches? Also, confirm for me what happens when you reset the network settings? I have supplied a link to the steps.